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De Ark?

De Ark consists of three parts.

For starters there's the MFC (multifunctional centre) in Anderlecht. This is a center for children and youth with a light to moderate mental disability, possibly with behavioral issues.

Than we have our daycenter in Haren, where adult with a mental disability can attend any of our workshops. To learn, to have fun and from time to time have an excursion.

Finally we also offer supported living. Here we try to find the perfect solution for the clients needs. We offer group living in our "House in Haren" or for those who would like to live more independently there is also "Villa Verdun". Where cliënts can live semi-independently.


Founding history

In the 80's, there was an acute shortage of care for special education youth. From this necessity De Ark was born in 1986. Starting as a boarding school sensitive for the needs of the health care sector.

Since then we haven't stopped evolving and expanding to De Ark that we know today. With the founding of our daycenter and our home for supported living.

Now a days we are a VAPH approved of care.


Our team

Meet the crew!



Captain of De Ark, with over 25 years of experience in the health care sector.

She studied orthopedagogy and still keeps up-to-date with changes en evolutions with in the health care sector. 



Social worker

Géraldine is our social worker. She is responsible for the intake of new cliënts and is the first point of contact for those interested in joining De Ark.





Lichte achtergrond


Word jij onze nieuwe orthopedagoog in het dagcentrum? 



Patrick is de orthopedagoog van dienst voor het MFC. Hij overziet het opnamebeleid voor kinderen en jongeren. Daarnaast volg hij als orthopedagoog de ontwikkelingen van de jongeren op de voet op.



Johan is de communicatiemedewerker van De Ark. Hij is vaak het eerste contactpunt en zal je ongetwijfeld met veel enthousiasme bijstaan met al je vragen.


Financieel medewerker

Zonder Geert zou De Ark al lang gezonken zijn. Hij is het financieel geweten van onze directeur en zorgt ervoor dat onze boekhouding altijd pico bello in orde is.

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